Why iGeo?


iGeo offers its clients six values that guide our strategic advicesory and operational support services:


Forward Looking



Together with the aforementioned guiding values that guarantee our work's highest professional and ethical standards, iGeo distinguishes itself through two competitive advantages: a long experience of project execution in China and a high level of industry and functional expertise.


Before becoming consultants we were business managers in China. Our experience in running companies with international operations enables us to understand our client’s needs and add value to their day-to-day operations and strategic decision making.To know more visit our Sample Projects section.
Focused on China and with a deep knowledge of a multiplicity of sectors, we are specialists in complex project management that demands value added services. In order to help our clients succeed, we draw on the cross-sector expertise of both our multidisciplinary local and international team of experts.



In a way that:

We Add Value
  • By obtaining, filtering and analyzing market information.
  • By efficient decision making in complex environments.
  • By negotiating and communicating with local parties.
  • By implementing concrete solutions based on real experiences.
We Reduce your Costs 
  • Variable costs: traveling expenses, management time, etc.
  • Fixed costs: less need for additional staffing.
  • Our fees are often eligible for subsidies and / or tax deductions.