Human Resources

Initially conceived as a function across the wide range of services offered by iGeo, human resources quickly transformed into an autonomous and rapidly growing division. It finally evolved into iGeo HR, brand sister of iGeo. 
Human resources constitute the basis of all business projects and in a market as complex and distant – both geographically and culturally – from the West, this service is even more important. This reality, coupled with the difficulty to find and retain quality employees in China, has rendered executive search services as one of the most solicited by Western companies.

Our Human Resources services aim to provide solutions to the complex labor market existing in China. iGeo recruits talented individuals for the key positions in our clients´ organizations. Beyond the selection process, the company offers advisory services related to the management and retention of human capital in China.

Executive Search
iGeo has placed hundreds of key positions for our clients in China. Our experience on the ground, a deep understanding of the local market and of available candidates, and a sophisticated methodology enables us to identify and place suitable candidates.   
Executive Search  
  • Executive Search (multi-channel and sectorial active search and selection).
  • Hiring of complete management teams at the set-up stages.
  • Coaching and support in team integration.

Process Graph     

iGeo HR


Human Resources Strategic Advisory Services

Human Resources
Strategic Advisory
  • Industry benchmarking.
  • HR organization design for new settlements in China.
  • HR diagnosis for existing organizations in China.
  • Compensation management advisory.
  • Retention planning.
  • Training and development advisory.
  • Cross-cultural integration analysis and support.


Strategic Alliance with HUMAN  


Starting from September 2010, the Strategic Alliance between iGeo and Human Management Systems (consultancy in strategy, processes & people with ample presence in Spain and Brazil) has developed synergies between the two companies, so our clients can profit from the complementarity of our services.