Over 20 years managing and advising companies in China allow us to add value
in each stage of any project

  •  What are the threats and opportunities for our company in China?
  •  What demand is there for our products? What is the appropriate product positioning?
  •  Who is our competition?
  •  How does our business model fit the current Chinese competitive environment?
  •  Do we need to establish operations? Where? With a local partner? Can we buy an existing company?
  •  Is there a suitable supplier base? Where?
  •  What formal and informal entry barriers are there?
  •  How can we protect our technology and know-how?
  •  How can we find Chinese investors for our business?


  •  How can we structure the investment?
  •  Which is the best business partner among the existing potential ones? How do we value his contributions? How and what should we negotiate?
  •  What capital structure is the most appropriate? Can we control a joint venture?
  •  How do we carry out a due diligence process? What are the specific difficulties we might encounter?
  •  How do we obtain the required permits and licenses?
  •  How do we set up a local team?
  •  As a Chinese company how can we expand to foreign markets? 


  •  How can we optimize costs?
  •  How do we integrate a subsidiary with our central operations? How do we structure the flow of information?
  •  Does our company comply with the standard labor, finance, fiscal, environmental, etc., rules and regulations?
  •  How do we attract qualified personnel? How do we integrate the team? How do we reduce the personnel turn over? How do we retain the key people in our company?
  •  How can I maintain alignment with a local partner?
  •  How do we grow and develop our business?
  •  How is the competitive environment evolving?


Strategy, planning and monitoring